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Brandon Padgett
937 - 510 - 2311

I Know What Lies Ahead
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We Are Not Home Yet

Gospel music has always been a part of my life. As a child, I enjoyed hearing the music and then started singing bass when my voice changed at sixteen years old. This allowed my Dad and I to travel and sing for the last six years in churches and other venues. I have also attended and graduated from Oakland City University with a music and business degree. Along with singing, I have a strong interest in the business side of music and have received certifications in marketing and management courses. I have attended the Charles Novell School of Music for fourteen years and took voice under the instruction of Dr. Charles Novell for over ten years. I am grateful to the Lord for the musical ability he has given me and want to give it back through singing the gospel message so that others may hear the story of Jesus.


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